deer repellent
Deer Proofing powder from The Bucks Stop Here is an invisible, non-toxic powder that, when mixed with water, can be sprayed directly on plants to form a deer-proof barrier. provides a dry powder that when added to water forms a powerful, but non-toxic Deer Repellent. Spray it on plants and the deer will stay away. The repellent stays on the plant and will not wash off, so you only have to apply it every so often.

Our Deer Proofing Powder comes in a small pouch so storage is easy; whether you purchase a single pouch or pack of 10 The Bucks Stop Here deer proofing powder is a cost-effective method of deterring deer, racoons, and other herbivores.

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Shown here are two rose plants. One was treated and the other remained untreated. The Bucks Stop Here treatment has completely protected the flowers from being eaten by deer.
The roses on the Right were protected by
The Bucks Stop Here.
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deer being repelled by TheBucksStopHere powder
deer being repelled by TheBucksStopHere powder
Here is another example of the effectiveness of The Bucks Stop Here Deer Repellent. The image on the left shows deer visiting two identical piles of corn at 7:07PM. The left pile is untreated and the one on the right treated with TBSH Deer Repellent. By 7:30PM the deer had eaten all of the untreated corn. The treated pile was left uneaten as seen in the right image taken at 8:55PM.
TheBucksStopHere deer repellent
Here we see two identical buckets filled with racoon bait.
The forground bucket was treated with
The Bucks Stop Here and has been protected.